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A Lidl-Shampoo best cuts in the anti-dandruff test


Who has to fight with scales, does not have to invest much money in solution. In test of Foundation Warentest, discounter shampoo "Cien Anti-dandruff shampoo for normal and dry hair" by Lidl best cut off and only one with grade "very good". Of or ten anti-dandruff shampoos tested, it was above all due to care effect – that is, by easy combability and shine after washing. Against shed all tested products worked.


In places two and three, "anti-dandruff care shampoo power" from Nivea Men and "Biocura Hair Care Shampoo anti-shed Lemongras" from Aldi Nord. They each received a "good". The Biocura shampoo according to manufacturer has same formulation as corresponding product on shelves of Aldi South. It is called "Kür Haircare Shampoo Anti-Schuppen Lemongrass Extract".


Anti-dandruff shampoos must be massaged well according to testers. They should also act for a moment. The water must not be too hot, so that scalp is not irritated. Hair treatments are better only in tips. On scalp, you can remove active ingredients of shampoo.


Anyone who wants to get rid of shed sustainably also needs some patience. If, after some time, affected person has significantly less dandruff, it is sufficient to use a special anti-dandruff shampoo only twice a week.


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