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Arrested! – Mrs. offered babies to WhatsApp for purchase


The police stormed her apartment, confiscated her cell phone and cracked device after five days …

On smartphone of Julia Fernandes (29), re were over 100 photos of newborns to be sold! The woman is accused of having bought babies for sale via popular WhatsApp news app in Mumbai (India).

In Police Department, woman admitted to acting as an intermediary between buyers and parents. In WhatsApp groups she offered children for purchase.

A spokesman for police said that y were now following hand signals that received messages and photographs from Fernandes.

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In addition, police try to find six couples who have already bought babies.

The prisoner explained in interrogation that she found buyers with help of employees from clinics for artificial insemination. These employees would also have picked up children from parents and handed m over to buyers.

Also interesting

Julia Fernandes had been arrested after informing police about child handing over.

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