Aurora HDR Software to Bring Out the Best from Images

What is aurora HDR?

Aurora HDR is basically software that makes the most amazing images that anyone has seen. It is mainly developed by Macphun who is a well-known name in the field of photography who designs the tools to make the best out of the still images. This software was initially designed for only MAC users. This particular project is a joint venture with association with world famous photographer Trey Ratcliff; together they produced the most useful software for every photographer. They provide all the tools to make the photos look extraordinary, and the HDR photo gallery is the proof of it. For a better understanding of how the software works, all the users can always visit the website. HDR actually stands for high dynamic range photography where the technique can actually overcome the limitations of the lights and it can merge different images of different exposures into one perfect shot.

How is it beneficial?

This software is truly a blessing for the aspiring photographers. The HDR photo gallery not only shows the amazing images that have been modified by the software but it also show the methodology of how the have been made. The official website of aurora is where all the information about the website is available.


The key features of aurora

As far as the software is concerned it is pretty simple and basic. The http://aurorahdr.com/  gives the complete idea of HDR photography in general. The main features are given below,

  • A whole range of options are available in terms of HDR photography from simple to stylish. The HDR algorithms are very simple and the most useful tool to improvise the images.
  • The total editing process is covered by a set of tools that is designed by the masters. So it is very useful in nature.
  • The guidelines are made by the famous photographer Trey Ratcliff himself so there is no doubt in the processes that are explained in the software manual.
  • The one click presets and the other tools like brushing or the masking has proven to be 100% accurate in terms of the quality.
  • The selective editing enables the users to create the unique image that he has in mind. The radiance control and the blending of the textures help to create a visual delight.

The software can be downloaded from the website and the process is very simple. A manual also comes along with the software. This software usually supports all popular image files and there is also a sharing option to share the edited images in the social networking site instantly.