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Blogger became known with her story – 275 000 euro penalty, because she invented her cancer


On such a macabre idea you have to come first!

Melbourne (Australia) – blogger Belle Gibson (25) had pretended a cancer. In 2015, lie story began. On Thursday she was sentenced by a court in Melbourne to approximately 275,000 euros in fines.

The Australian had claimed to have overcome a brain tumor with ayurvedic medicine, oxygen rapy and absence of gluten and sugar. In truth, however, she was never ill with cancer. The judges now found m guilty of deliberate deception.

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Through history of her supposed healing, Gibson had become known. With her blog, her own app and sale of a book, she came to a total of 420,000 Australian dollars (about 300,000 euros).

Of this she should have donated only about 7000 euros. Actually, Gibson had promised to pass a "bulk" of revenue to charitable organizations.

The blog "The Whole Pantry" and app does not exist anymore.

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