Home Breaking Bloodthirsty "Research Mission" – Japanese fishermen kill 177 whales under pretext

Bloodthirsty "Research Mission" – Japanese fishermen kill 177 whales under pretext


Every year, Japan's whalers are pushing back and killing hundreds of sea mammals for "scientific purposes" – pretext is highly controversial …

Despite international protests, Japanese slaughtermen have harpooned a total of 177 whales in Northwest Pacific Ocean.

The excuse of competent fisheries ministry on Tuesday was – as every year – again hypocritical:

Supposedly, data on content of Walmägen were collected, and made available to International Whaling Commission (IWC).

According to Japanese government, whale slaughter is expected to continue unabated over coming yearsFoto: Getty Images News / Getty Images

However, whale slaughter is not interested in fact that Japan is not acting on behalf of IWC and Commission does not want to have results of previous studies.

In order to circumvent strict controls on whaling, government in Tokyo has repeatedly used loophole of whaling prohibition adopted in 1982.

Also interesting

This year, 43 dwarf whales and 134 Sewale fell victim.

Shark attack on swimmer

  • Drama in Florida Shark bites at swimmers

    During a dive, a US American experienced a painful surprise: A small nursing shark bite in his stomach.

► The mockery of many animal rights activists: After an investigation of whales, ir meat is offered for sale for consumption.

A huge business in Japan and reason why number three of global economy is pursuing political goal of allowing commercial hunting for whales again.


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