Brief Knowledge on Quixxi to Secure your Android Device

With increasing number of malware attacks on various kinds of android devices, it has been deemed essential that users should learn the different ways whereby, they could protect their smart phones in the best possible manner. Let us discuss how you would get some insights on protecting your android device from nasty malware attacks.

What do you understand by Quixxi?

Quixxi would be best described as a set of software tools for tracking, protecting and enhancing your mobile applications. It has been a Lakeba Group venture.

Features of Quixxi

Quixxi has been offering Quixxi Licensing, Quixxi Security and Quixxi Analytics. Quixxi Licensing and Security has been known to protect your Android app from reverse-compilation that could essentially lead to uncontrolled distribution and lost income. On the other hand, Quixxi Analytics has been a flexible and easy reporting and capturing solution that would cater you with the ability to define events and track them, report crashes, tracking individual app installation activity, frequency and usage, contact users directly.

Advantages of using Quixxi

The foremost benefit associated with Quixxi has been getting back of your lost revenue. Secondly, you would be securing your mobile device from malaware attacks. Thirdly, you would be engaging directly with the users along with understanding their problems comprehensively. However, the developer of the company would gain real benefits in various economic terms by recovering income. The software has been easy in usage and conveniently integrated into the Android device. Quixxi Analytics has been made available for iOS and Android. Furthermore, it has been free for usage. Quixxi Licensing and Security have been meant for Android devices.

Quixxi has been designed to protect the application. It would act as a shell for the protection of application, reducing the susceptibility to make it stronger against various kinds of hacker attacks. For more information on Quixxi, you could log on to www.quixxi.com.