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Britain's press no longer believes in Klopp's magic


This time, Häme for Jürgen Klopp did not come from biting Yellow Press or a gritting TV witch. "If you want to talk about results, we won 4211 games in a row," basketball show group Harlem Globetrotters tweaked Klopps FC Liverpool's 1: 1 (1: 1) in Champions League at Spartak Moscow.


"We're not Harlem Globetrotters, we're talking about results." Well, Liverpool's performance on Tuesday night in Russian capital, it was a return coach of Americans for Klopp's statement after recent 3-2 success in Premier League at Leicester City would have given Globetrotters honor: plenty of ball, even magic could be seen. Only: The result was not right. And that was also due to Klopp's king-class keeper Loris Karius.


The former Mainz coach, who is given privilege of being in Champions League before Simon Mignolet, let tough free-kick of Spartaks Fernando pass (23rd). "As a defensive player, I would froth with anger," said television expert Rio Ferdinand, but Klopp defended Karius.

nKlopp appears before Karius n

"I do not understand why you can talk about this one situation after such a game," he told BT Sports. "It was a very good free-kick, he went into corner to protect wall." He does not think, that Karius made a mistake, "but you probably have a different opinion".


The fact that Klopp was served mainly depended on well-known weakness of his team. "We have to be more objective before goal," he said, "but only way to change that is to keep trying." The Reds did, 17: 3 shots prove this, but more than equalizer by Philippe Coutinho after double pass with Sadio Mané (31) was not in it.


"Klopp's frustration continues," wrote Guardian about "disgruntled, unnerved, repetitive" German, "Daily Mail" saw a "tiring, well-known history". In "Sun" it was said: "Jürgen Klopp and his Liverpool team seem to be on a mission to make life difficult for mselves." Who believes that "Liverpool can go far in Champions League is deceiving".

n "Not happiest team" n

Since September 2014, five-time winner of competition has been waiting for a three-place finish, last of which was won in 2009. "We are not happiest team in world football at moment," complained Klopp after opening match against Sevilla (2-2) second draws. Liverpool is still "strong enough to get ahead," he said, "but when door is open, you have to go through."


The Globetrotters are not always successful. Their last failure was on 31 March 2006 at 83:87 against NABC College All-Stars.


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