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Car crashing head-on – two dead in fog crash


Gotha – Nothing seen and yet driven: An overtaking maneuver in dense fog has led to a serious traffic accident in Gotha district. Two people died.

In late Wednesday evening, a driver on Bundesstraße 247 wanted to overtake a truck. In poor visibility, he did not see oncoming traffic, as police explained at early Thursday morning.

Safe through mist

  • Speed ​​down, light on Drive safely through fog

    In case of a dense fog, drivers must be particularly attentive. PICTURE gives tips on how to safely get through haze.

The cars collided frontally between Schwabhausen and Ohrdruf. Both drivers succumbed to ir injuries at accident site.

Because cars were similar models, police had difficulty identifying which of two vehicles had dared to pass dangerous overtaking.

Also interesting

A car that had caught up with overtaking vehicle could just dodge and hurled into ditch. The driver got injured.

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