Casino Marketing In 2016  


Casino online marketing is a challenge even in an era of marketing avenues such as social media, search engine optimization and Pay Per Click. The legal issue lies with the promotion of gambling, which is forbidden on social media platforms and Google Adwords without a gambling license. What is a Casino marketer to do in order to acquire more high value players? Here are some actionable tips if you want to gain more customers through online marketing for your casino website:

  1. Develop authority through Casino related content

Creating Casino related high quality content is one of the most effective ways to gain brand awareness for your gambling business. High quality means unique and relevant so it can be an insightful article about the gambling industry, tips on how to play and surprising statistics from Casino website users. High quality content is shareable content and you will have more sites linking to your content. Most people think that Casino content marketing has to promote a business but it can be about the statistics and insights that reveal another side of gambling companies and their players.

  1. Reach out for other authoritative websites

There are many informative and authoritative Casino websites online which can be contacted for blogging, interviews, features and much more. Building a long term relationship is important so website owners trust the content you want to collaborate on and your intentions for the alliance.

  1. Gambling affiliate marketing

A popular form of online marketing, gambling affiliates is alive and well in 2016. Finding the right affiliates and entrusting them with your Casino content is the key. You may find that working with a few trusted affiliates is better than many.


  1. Social media marketing

Gambling websites come under strict regulation on social media platforms. However, it can be effective for engaging with customers and giving them valuable information for making bets. It is vital for any gambling company to know their audience and what content is engaging for them. Trial and error and social media analytic tools will unveil the most effective content and optimal times for posting.

  1. SEO for casino websites

Whitehat SEO for gambling websites is possible and one of the most cost effective ways to acquire customers. Doing SEO keyword research for casino websites, looking at competitor’s anchors ratios, backlinks and long tail keyword choices can make your website more competitor in organic search engine results. It is important to have great onsite and offsite SEO if you want a long term solution. Encouraging links from other websites and updating content for search engine crawling has a positive effect on the visibility of your casino website.

  1. PPC or PPV

If you are licensed to use Google Adwords for your Casino PPC ad campaign, then keeping a good Quality Score and ad copies can help your website attract targeted traffic. If PPC is not an option, then Pay Per View can attract targeted traffic from different gambling publisher’s sites.

  1. Mail marketing

We are used to displaying special betting offers on our Casino websites; you need to personalize offers and content for email subscribers. Creating casino email campaigns with segmentation and attractive offers is the key to higher conversions. An effective email marketing tool will give you the best template for emails and ways to track your campaign.

  1. Embrace marketing automation for your casino

Marketing automation saves you time and can help to gather valuable information about your customers. This makes it easier for you to serve them. Content management systems will help you gather customer data through SMS, forms and email, allowing you to send out personalized content that will increase conversion rates.