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Drama in Florida – Shark bites at swimmers


Marathon (Florida / USA) – Dramatic video from USA: Blood-stained and pain-stricken, Ervin Maccarty is aboard a boat. On his belly is a small shark – animal has settled!

The dive before Florida Keys ended painfully: Maccarty wanted to get a perch from a little more than three meters deep. Suddenly a young nurse shark rushed out of a cave and lowered his teeth into Maccarty's stomach.

"That took my breath away. I had to show up to gasp, "he said," Newsflare. " "He did not want to let go. So I held him with both hands so he would not tear me open. "

The shark tried to pull Maccarty into depths. "I thought I was drowning," he said. Without hands for swimming, Maccarty had to fight back to boat. "That was a tough fight and he exhausted me."

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"Stab him between eyes"

The seriousness of situation was probably not immediately recognized by his friends on board. "He did not catch your penis, did he?" One of companions asked.

Also interesting

The attempt to remove shark with bare hands failed. So y tried to kill shark with a knife. Apparently, however, helpers were a little expert.

The US American rescued ship aboard. He held small shark, so that fish could not inflict any worse injuries to him.Foto: Newsflare

"Stab him between eyes", one hears in video a woman call. "No, just let him die. Let him bleed, "replied a man.

In end, Maccarty was able to free himself from shark. On his belly he suffered only a small bite. The shark did not survive.

With a knife, shark was slashed before Maccarty could get rid of animal. Photo: Newsflare With a shower someone rinses blood from belly of diver Photo: Newsflare

Ammenhaie are cartilaginous fish, which according to Hai Foundation live among or things in western Atlantic between Rhode Island and Brazil. They feed on crabs, snails, mussels, sea urchins and small fish. The sharks become 2.30 to 3 meters tall.

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