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Dream wedding without a prince: woman in Italy gives herself the yes-word!


Brianza (Italy) – All in white and with a bouquet of flowers in her hand, Laura Mesi steps through room. Family and friends, 70 people in number, admire gorgeous bride in her sequined wedding dress.

The smartphones are drawn, everyone wants to hold on to that moment, Laura's moment. At end of guest trellis … Nobody!

Laura Mesi (40) married herself. The Italian swore in 2015, after end of a twelve-year relationship: If I have not found perfect partner until 40, I give myself yes-word. Said, done – yes, she wants herself!

Self-employed time not recognized by law

Who takes what name, who gets couch after divorce … Any questions that Laura does not have to ask himself: "This is my dream wedding – just without prince," said fitness trainer of newspaper "La Repubblica". After wedding night, Laura set out for honeymoon to Egypt – a double room was probably not necessary.

The Ceremony in Brianza (north of Milan) was first of its kind in Italy, law was not recognized by law. Legal, illegal – Laura does not care. She has popped up 10,000 euros for celebration.

"I am convinced that each of us is first to love ourselves," she says. How serious lonely bride means this is to be seen at wedding stanza. On top, all alone: ​​a miniature of bride.

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Your yes-to-be-self-word is, by way, not a rejection of future relationships: if one day she still finds a partner for a common future, she will give him a chance. But ir happiness would no longer make m dependent on it.

Can you marry yourself in Germany?

In truest sense of word, people who are in love with mselves are also here. But can you actually marry yourself in Germany?

No, says lawyer Eva Becker to BILD. "The law says that marriage is a life partnership between two persons." Formerly husband and wife, soon same-sex marriage could be possible, according to chairman of Arbeitsgemeinschaft Familienrecht at German Lawyers Association (DAV).

But, she adds, "Why it can be EXACT two and not three people or only one person, legislator does not say. The law comes from a time when marriage between husband and wife was created for reproduction. Artificial insemination, etc., were still not an issue at time. "

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