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Endspurt at the BILD-Wiesn-Girl – Sister, come with me!


To final sprint with combined force!

These applicants for title "BILD-Wiesn-Girl 2017" are in double. Among m identical twins Priscilla and Jessica (23) from Bavaria. Discrimination feature? Priscilla: "I am sobering friends from party, Jessi stays to end."

Monique (26, 1.68 m, 53 kg, dimensions 81-70-81) and her sister Nicole (31, 1,65 m, 50 kg, measurements 86-65-85, from left to right) Photo: 1414 Druggist Nadja 24, 1.64 m, 54 kg, measurements 85-68-90) and seller Angelina (26, 1,64 m, 59 kg, measurements 92-76-92, from left) from Dortmund Photo: 1414 More Wiesn-Girls

  • 2000 Euro Siegprämie Do you want to be a BILD-Wiesn-Girl?

    It's time again: Olé, Dekolleté! BILD is looking for "Wiesn-Girl 2017". Prize money for winner: 2000 Euro!

  • 2000 Euro Siegprämie Great-great-grandma Agnes (105) wants to become a BILD-Wiesn-Girl

    Celebrate it! And has been doing it for a century … Until 4.30 clock, great-great-grandma Agnes had it on ir 105th birthday krachen.

Do you want to become a PICTURE-Wiesn-Girl?

Photo (with Name, Handynummer) to 1414@bild.de. Prize money for winner: 2000 Euro. Legal process excluded.

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  • Click and be amazed The best reader-reporter photos

    The photos of IMAGE reader reporters are always good for a surprise. Here come best!

Upload your photos and videos HERE or email 1414@bild.de.

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