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Explosions in Ukraine – mega-munitions camp in flames


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The largest armored warehouse in Ukraine has set fire on Tuesday evening. The airspace was blocked, villages evacuated nearby. 24,000 people had to be taken to safety.

Artillery units exploded as a series, said a police officer of news page "Ukrainska Pravda".

A flamestorm: Police exploded as a series Artilleriegranaten Photo: STRINGER / Reuters

► 188 000 tons of ammunition were deposited near Ukrainian capital Vinnitsa (200 km south of Kiev). The residents within a radius of 15 to 20 kilometers had to be brought to safety. Airplanes had to keep a distance of 50 kilometers.

In addition, a main road as well as train route to Kiev was blocked, Russian agency Tass, citing local police.

In depot was also ammunition for rocket launchers stored Photo: STRINGER / Reuters

According to Ukrainian government, fire is now under control, citizens were not in immediate danger. "We will do our best to minimize consequences of this accident," said Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman, according to Tass. The causes are still unclear. Groisman made "external factors" responsible – without explaining what that means in concrete terms.

The Prime Minister met shortly after midnight on spot to personally coordinate work of authorities. He was mayor of city until 2014.

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Time and again, ammunition camps have exploded in Ukraine in past months. In March such a fire had led to explosions in east of country; a man was killed, thousands had to be taken to safety. The depot in city of Balaklija is located about one hundred kilometers from eastern Ukrainian territories, which are controlled by Prussian insurgents.

In October 2015, two people died in a series of explosions in a furr ammunition depot located directly at front line.

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