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Food blackmailer poisons babies' food – This is how you recognize manipulated packaging


Stuttgart / Constance – Investigators hunt a blackmailer, who has been looking after our children with perfidious methods – poison in baby food! He calls for more than ten million euros, or he wants to go furr. In Friedrichshafen (Baden-Wuerttemberg) were already five manipulated glasses, which contained poison ethylene glycol.

"It was fed into food," said Ministerial Petra Mock. The substance is a clear, sweet-tasting liquid. Even small amounts of 30 milliliters are dangerous for adults. The substance attacks heart, lungs and kidneys. Ethylene glycol is used to prevent icing of aircraft and polyester manufacture.

Authorities warn impertinently of panic or hysteria. Important now: Precautions.

The case

  • Baby food poisoned Here blackmailer strolls through supermarket

    The police in Baden-Württemberg are on trail of a dangerous blackmailer! The perpetrator poisoned babies' food.

You should look after this with glasses with baby food

According to Consumers' Ministry of Baden-Württemberg, you should pay attention to fact that product is undamaged.

Above all, in case of glasses, it should be ensured that lid is curved downwards. If this curvature is absent, vacuum generated during filling is no longer present. This is a sign that glass could be opened and content manipulated. A cracking sound must also be heard when opening. If this is not case, product should not be used!

Thus, or packages could be manipulated

Isabel Kling (41), press secretary of Ministry of Consumer Protection of Baden-Württemberg, advises on all products to be very careful. In case of doubt, product should not be purchased and dealer should be advised. In particular if packaging is damaged, not properly sealed or even if a label is not properly seated. Kling to BILD: "Consumers should rar be safe."

Baby food poisoned! With this video police search blackmailer Source: BILD / Polizei Konstanz 2:12 Min.


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