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Four out of ten pupils do not know what Auschwitz is


Only 59 per cent of German pupils aged 14 and over know that Auschwitz-Birkenau was a concentration camp of Nazis. Four out of ten students do not know name. This is result of a survey conducted by Körber Foundation in Hamburg, which was published on Thursday.


According to this, 95 per cent of Germans find it very important or important that students have history lessons in school. Most people would like to have a lesson that allows m to critically assess content (93 percent) and teach ir lessons (92 percent). Representatives were surveyed by 1009 German citizens aged 14 and over, as well as 502 pupils.


Three quarters of students surveyed (75 per cent) believe that interest of ir classmates in history is generally not so great or rar low. Asked about ir own interest, a more positive picture emerges: more than half (56 per cent) claim to be interested in mselves or rar for history.

n "History is indispensable for understanding present" n

"Young people can be enthusiastic about history when it comes to m and ir lives," says Sven Tetzlaff, head of Körber Foundation's education department. History teaching refore has to make this transfer – especially since history is "indispensable for understanding of present".


The quality of ir own history lessons is appreciated by students surveyed. Three quarters (75 per cent) say that content was presented in a clear, comprehensible way. Two-thirds each stated that interesting and varied subjects were being dealt with in ir classes (69 per cent), and that ir history teacher could interest m in topics covered (66 per cent).


Two-thirds of students used digital media (65 percent) or interactive learning forms such as project work (59 percent) in past history lessons.


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