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Friedrichshafen: Blackmail poisoned baby food and demands 10 million euros


Stuttgart / Constance – An extortionist asks ten million euros of large supermarkets. In Friedrichshafen (Baden-Württemberg) he already poisoned baby food!

A deadly danger for infants and small children …

The demand was already received on Saturday, September 16, late in evening. BILD learned: Aldi, Rossmann, Lidl, DM, Miiller, Edeka, Norma and Rewe got extortion.

Blackmail poisoned at least five products

The blackmailer explained that he had mixed poison in baby food in shops. The police immediately cleared all baby food from shelves in a lightning action and examined contents.

The shock: At least five glasses were actually prepared.

► PICTURE: In baby food apparently poison, which could hurt toddlers, could even kill.

Also interesting

The offender acted according to exact schedule – he must have shipped poisoned glasses to markets on Saturday so that NO customers could buy poison products, but pressure on markets was increased.

And: The blackmailer has poisoned poison into different products from different manufacturers. By now it was clear that he meant it deadly.

Threat affects domestic and foreign

In letter he gave to corporations and police, blackmailer announced to poison products in food and drug stores at home and abroad. In letter, he also specifically addressed markets in Friedrichshafen. The police are supposed to have photos of unknown man.

A press conference was held at 12 noon on Thursday with representatives from Ministry of Rural Affairs and Consumer Protection Baden-Württemberg, Ravensburg Public Prosecutor's Office and Constance Police Department.

BILD will report live.

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