GWC Valve International: E-Commerce Shopping Carts

The GWC Valve International company is located in Bakersfield California and lately they have been thinking about different ways of reaching their clientele and of course making sales. The company has been starting to consider selling their products online and have a chat line available in case consumers aren’t sure what they are supposed to buy or what exactly they are buying. Most businesses that use the GWC valve international products are in different industries such as power, oil and gas, mining, exploration and more.  

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When it comes to e-commerce, there is something called shopping carts which is a virtual versions of the shopping cart you push through the supermarket. This virtual shopping cart allows you to add and remove items before you proceed to checkout and this is necessary for any e-commerce website to have. There is a web-based shopping cart that typically run on a host server such as CoreCommerce, Shopify, Microsoft or Yahoo. You can also push a licensed cart and host it on your own service such as OSCommerce or LemonStand. There are many factors to consider when it comes to the shopping cart you want to integrate on your website and this includes the kind of features you want them to have which will allow you to decide which shopping cart is best for your business. You need to ask questions such as is the entire e-commerce site part of your business? Does the shopping cart need to integrate with your accounts package? What products are you selling and how complex is your pricing system? How will the shipping costs be calculated related to the products purchased? Can customers see their order status online? Will you need to notify customers while their order is being processed? Do you need to keep track of your stock inventory?

You also need to track the funnel visualization of your e-commerce site, which is the amount of people who abandon their shopping cart or who checkout. Many people abandon their shopping carts because the shipping costs end up being more than expected, they just aren’t ready to purchase it right away or they didn’t qualify for free shipping and that is why considering many factors is important in order for a e-commerce site to function and result in an increase of sales.