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Heads of the Red Flora in the visor of the prosecutor


The Hamburg public prosecutor examines criminal complaints against red flora spokesman Andreas Beuth and Andreas Blechschmidt as well as Emily Laquer from Interventionist Left (IL). It is about accusation of participation or incitement to severe land-break in connection with G-20 riots, said Oberstaatsanwältin Nana Frombach on Wednesday. The proceedings were initiated by advertisements in Braunschweig and Bielefeld, and investigators re had sent matter to Hamburg prosecutor's office.


As "Hamburger Abendblatt" reported, statements by Beuth and Blechschmidt are focus of investigations. Both were among organizers of left-wing demonstration "Welcome to Hell" with some 12,000 participants, who had been stopped by police at St. Pauli fish market on July 6 for manning of numerous demonstrators and riots.


"When we are attacked (…) we will, of course, also defend ourselves with means which we seek ourselves," Beuth said. After riots, he had stated in an NDR interview that he had "certain sympathy for such actions" – but in Pöseldorf and Blankenese and not "in his own district".

Police are looking through 14 apartments

A little later Beuth relativized this statement. He had "misunderstood" and misunderstood. "I would like to say clearly: Such actions are meaningless violence and have crossed a line. I dissociate myself from sharpest of what happened. We are also bewildered, "he told " Abendblatt ". According to vonbach, public prosecutor's office checks wher Beuth's statement is about approval of criminal offenses.


In meantime police targeted looters from Schanzenviertel: On Wednesday morning, 14 apartments were searched in Hamburg and Schleswig-Holstein. The findings of "Soko Schwarzer Block" will be presented in afternoon.


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