How i can use my icloud activation lock iPhone 5

Find my iPhone has a feature called activation lock and this is designed to prevent a second person from using your iOS device including iPhone, iPad and iPod when it is lost. The activation lock gets enabled automatically when you turn on Find my phone on any iOS device. A person who owns an iPhone with icloud lock may be required to face hard time to solve such issues. However, latest method is found to deal with icloud lock bypass problems. It is understandable, such issues can happen to anyone, anytime, but the important thing remains how to deal with such problems. At this point, you can follow two methods to fix the icloud activation lock and bypass the activation screen on iPhone 5.


Guideline to bypass icloud activation lock

The first method remains to visit an Apple service store to repair the icloud lock and for this, you would be required to show the ownership proof in order to verify the Smartphone is not stolen. To avail this service, you will be required to pay a fee and after a few weeks the icloud activation lock will be bypassed permanently from your iPhone 5. If you are not able to use this service to bypass icloud activation lock, then you may follow the second method which is safe to be used. The second method includes, get easily bypass the activation screen lock from iPhone5 using the IMEI code. You will be required to enter the IMEI code on your device and the bypass program will delete the lock icloud account directly from your gadget database. Once the account gets deleted, you can create a new one. To use this method, make sure you use programs from verified server. There are several links available which contain different variants of bypass program.Make sure you use the link compatible for iPhone5.