It’s all about the budget phones!

Recent studies have shown that an average person is bound to think of changing his mobile every 8-9 months. While he might actually change only once a year, the thought of how much it’s going to affect his budget is not a big factor these days.

Gone are the days of spending a lot of money on phones to get the best features. Mobile Manufactures have now started bringing all their best features in their ‘budget phones’ to attract the general public. Mobiles under 10,000 are now loaded with almost all the amazing features that people have started buying smarter.

While these phones might not be the best out there in the market nor filled with all the exciting new features, they are amazing devices that you don’t have to compromise much for. It’s not like you are trying to hit a six and only end up getting a single, it’s rather like getting a four. The difference between mobiles under 10,000 or the flagship killers and the ones that are highly expensive is very minimal.

With Micromax, Xiaomi etc, coming into the market with these ‘budget phones’ and One Plus flourishing with their ‘flagship killers’, the well established mobile manufactures have been forced to bring down their prices and also start making phones that are cheaper in cost.


The main difference between high end phones and budget phones these days is the camera quality. The processors and screen resolutions have become all the same with many companies actually starting to provide better processors at a cheaper rate. Custom Android and Cyanogen have made it possible for companies to provide high end mobile features in these budget phones.

Due to excessive Tier 3 Chinese products that were imported in India in 1990’s, people had the psychology that all Chinese products are duplicates and get damaged easily. But with the entry of One Plus, Xiaomi, and other Tier 1 Chinese companies, people have moved out of that caution zone and have begun to trust Chinese manufacturers. These companies are pivotal in providing high end phones at a budget price.

This change in trend has now forced established mobile companies like Samsung to also venture into these Budget phones category. Now Samsung Mobiles under 10000 are available and this shows that budget phone’s are the future of mobile markets. Apple too have started to lower their prices and have brought out the iPhone 6 SE to try and make a ‘budget phone’ impression.

This generation of people are equipped with so much information that it has become difficult for companies to get a customer to pay more than what the phone is actually worth. Despite the big companies launching a lot of mobile phones and the number of sales being high, it’s not even getting close to the sales of the budget phones.