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People's stage occupants threatened to evacuate


The occupation of Berlin Volksbühne, which has been going on for almost a week, is due to be finished on Thursday. According to Kulturleader Klaus Lederer (left) in Berlin House of Representatives, occupiers were offered to leave ater voluntarily in absence of prosecution. "Orwise, be cleared."


A police operation has been taking place since 10 o'clock. During discussions on Wednesday evening with occupiers, Senate once again made it clear "that we will not accept occupation," says Lederer. They are, however, not dealt with in solving situation.


Sarah Waterfeld, a spokeswoman for squatters, said, "No one wants to leave house." Under applause of furr activists, she declared: "We want to continue staging, which has been prepared for weeks."


Because of refusal of remaining to clear building, police now take up personal data, a police tweet said. An advertisement for housebreak was now available – this is condition for a possible eviction. In Berlin Volksbühne, according to police, re are only 20 to 30 squatters after some had left house. Three police hundreds had gared around building in morning.


Some 50 policemen, toger with director Chris Dercon, n entered ater, which was occupied by most active artists and politicians, at Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz. Dercon called on remaining squatters to clear ater, a police officer said. A part of squatters had announced, however, not want to give way.


Media representatives were asked by police not to penetrate building. A banner of squatters with inscription "Still Art", which had been installed outside ater, was removed by police.

nBeets are opposed to "market-oriented" house n

Some of activists talked about ir issues with press. They criticized company's "market-oriented approach" and accused manager of Dercon of hiring employees under "precarious conditions". On Twitter, squatters announced in morning, as "next act of performance" furr discussions with employees to lead.


It was also a matter of extent to which squatters were still tolerated by those responsible for ater, according to a police officer. The Volksbühne has been occupied by political and art activists for seven days. They stand up against new director Chris Dercon, who has been working on Volksbühne since beginning of August, and his reorientation of house.


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