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Practices that Will Surely Keep Your Website Secure

The fear that most webmasters have today is on their website security. There has been a surge of hacking across the globe with many companies falling victim. It is only normal to feel like you will be the next target. However, this fear can be reduced by learning a few tips on how to keep your website secure. This post looks at some of the things you need to do to boost the security of your website.

Keep the software uptodate

The best advice you can get on keeping your website secure is to keep your website’s software updated. Hackers focus on known vulnerabilities when attacking a website. If you are using an old version of CMS or plugins, you are at a higher risk of being hacked. Updating the software will reduce the risk since updates patch up the known security holes. You also need to remove all the old plugins that you are not currently using; they can still be exploited.

Encrypt the login pages

Making it harder for hackers to get to your login pages is yet another great thing you can do. To do this, you need to use SSL encryption on the login pages. The SSL allows for sensitive information like social security numbers, credit card numbers and login details to be transmitted securely. Any information that is entered is encrypted in a manner that it is meaningless even to the most experienced hacker. This is a very important consideration you have to make if you run a finance website.Related image

Use secure hosting

The hosting company you use will have an impact on the security of your website. Some hosting service providers are just out for the money and don’t care about the security of their clients’ websites. When choosing a hosting service, pick one from a hosting company that is both secure and reputable. Your host should be aware of the threats that face your type of business and should be committed to keeping the website secure. He should also backup your data to remote servers and make the restoration process easy. You also need a host that will offer ongoing technical support.

Scan your site for vulnerabilities

Most attacks don’t happen all of a sudden. They take time. The hacker might be siphoning crucial data from your website without your knowledge. The only way you will be able to know if your website is secure is by scanning it for vulnerabilities. Scheduled web security scans are crucial. They help identify changes or additions to your website components. There are so many tools you can use for this.

Hire security experts

Having a relationship with security experts is yet another way you can ensure that your website is secured. Security experts implement several security measures that will reduce the chance of being hacked. This will cost you money but it is a lifesaver.

These are just some of the things you can do to boost your website security. Remember that a single successful hack can drive your business to the ground. Never leave anything to chance.

Author Bio

Michael Reich is a web security expert working with, an online finance website. He enjoys educating webmasters on how to boost the security of their sites. You can follow him on Twitter @MichealReich.