Review for 360 Total Security

Digital data is very valuable, particularly if you are using your PC for doing financial transactions, storing passwords and sending and receiving official emails. Hacking has become a popular hobby even for the school children and without proper security; your valuable data may be lost to some hacker or deleted by a virus. Virus attacks can be lethal to your digital data as you may have to format your hard disk and reinstall the Operating system and then start from the scratch installing your required software. You will end up losing all your valuable data stored on your PC. Installing a reputed antivirus and keeping it up to date is the only way you can save your data from digital attacks.


360 Total Security comes with powerful and robust antivirus solutions for your PC and mobiles. It offers complete security solutions for your PC including real time scan and safe browsing and online shopping. They have 5 products in store – PC All in one, PC Essential, Mac, Android, iOS and 360 connect.

Complete Protection with PC All in one

PC – All-in-One is an antivirus that provides complete digital protection and security solutions. It comes with utilities to check and boost the system’s speed and performance. It also comes with online protection so that you can browse and shop online without any phishing or hacking treat. You have options for a FullCheck wherein you can quickly check your PC’s health status, the VirusScan which checks and removes all known viruses, Trojans and malware, a SpeedUp that optimizes your system performance, a CleanUp that cleans all junk files and unwanted plugins and Protection wherein you can specify the level of protection you need for your PC from malware, phishing, and backdoors.


Value Additions to PC All in one

PC All in one also comes with additional tools for Wifi Security check, Sandbox, and Patchup that adds another layer of protection. Wifi Security check makes sure that your WiFi connection is secure. You can try out any doubtful software in Sandbox which keeps all malware away from running on your system. Patchup automatically updates all required software and OS updates to keep your system up to date.

Cover the basics with PC Essentials

PC Essential comes with complete PC protection, Internet Protection, and sandbox but it does not have the options for WiFi security and optimized performance.

Protect your Mac and Android Devices too

Their Mac and Android software come specific for the devices which add maximum security and removes unwanted software from the system. 360 Total Security for Android provides real-time security to your device, making sure your device performs faster. It is available for download from Google Play and your App store. It detects and removes any unwanted spyware that eats up your device’s battery and keeps the device memory optimally used. It also has useful tools such as Find my Phone that helps recover a lost device, Privacy to keep your private numbers and messages protected, Calls and SMS filter to block all unwanted calls and messages and Data monitor to manage your mobile data usage.

Remote Assistance

360 connect offers remote assistance to your friends’ and family’s devices from your phone. You can help others set up or manage their devices from your PC and also receive remote assistance when required.

With 5 engines for protection, 4 detection engines, and a file repair engine, 360 Total Security is the ultimate tool for PC protection. Other than their own QVMII and 360 Cloud Scan engine, their product also includes 2 third-party virus vaults – Bitdefender and Avira which can be activated as and when needed.