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Singer died at the age of 72 years


Joy Fleming is dead. The Soulsängerin died unexpectedly at age of 72 on Wednesday evening, as her son and her manager confirmed on Thursday. The SWR had first reported.


"With her we lose a great singer, a self-sacrificing mor and a loving companion, who was full in life," message said.


Joy Fleming represented Germany 1975 with Grand Prix Eurovision with song "A song can be a bridge", landed however at time however far behind. For more than 40 years singer lived on a farm in Sinsheim near Mannheim, most recently with her French life partner.

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The artist with black soul voice had landed a hit in early 1970s with Mannheim dialect "NeckarbrĂĽckenblues", which made her famous far beyond city.


Fleming was born on 15 November 1944 as Erna Raad in Rockenhausen in Palatinate. In early 1960s, she began singing in American clubs in Mannheim and experienced her breakthrough with an appearance in "Talent Shed" of South West.


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