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"Supernudel" with minimal calories is also successful without TV show


Only eight calories per 100 grams, which is really little. And it is number with which Sonja Zuber knows that she reaches maximum attention. The product, which was discovered by Hamburg entrepreneur years ago for German market, serves many nutritional conscious as pasta substitutes – it has neverless a similar consistency and, at least with a sauce, also a comparable taste. On Tuesday evening, Zuber introduced her now diverse "Slim" products in new season of Vox show "The Cave of Lions". And it also came to a deal – in any case, it looks like in already recorded in March broadcast.


Whoever has never seen show: In this case, most young founders and inventors present ir products and developments to a jury of experienced investors and try to persuade m to enter respective companies with ir own money. Thus, company shares are traded; money thus taken, as well as expert knowledge of jurors, should be used to increase market success in long term.

nTwo million noodle packs produced n

Candidates like Sonja Zuber are exception here, because entrepreneur has been successful for many years, both in PR sector and in food sector. Your company Kajnok has long been listed with main product, konjak noodles, at large chains like Edeka, Sky or Galeria Kaufhof. Although lilac bags do not stand in every shop on shelf, but meanwhile in a verklcklich many.


Two million noodle packs have already been produced. Beside spaghetti, re are also Fettucine and Penne, but also rice, a powder and "Naschi", which can be used as a sweetener. "The new products, however, have left me out of 'Löwen' show, so it will not be too much for audience," 37-year-old says.


The judges also had enough to do with tasting this very special noodle. Retail specialist Ralf Dümmel saw in product opportunity to "relatively quickly rocket" ignite, "to properly jump forward". Three of top entrepreneurs offered "Supernudel", while Zuber demanded € 200,000 for ten percent of ir company shares. Particularly impressed was guest juryor of show, media entrepreneur Georg Kofler. After all, he finally won contract, but in a somewhat different order: he wanted to pay 400,000 euros for 26 percent of company's shares. "In end, we embraced each or in show", recalls Zuber.


But as it is not very rare in aftermath of "lions" show, some idea lands n neverless as Papiertiger. After some meetings of two new business partners in deal, neverless, synergies for a sustainable growth were not sufficiently recognized. "A partner is clearly more than an investor, because it is not just about money," says Zuber. The already healthy company remains independent and wants to grow organically.

nVegan, long-lasting and quickly prepared n

And so it began in 2013: Sonja Zuber discovered a noodle-like product, developed from Konjak's tuber, and imported from Europe by an Indian businessman from South-East Asia. "A tramproduct with incredible potential," says marketing specialist. Noodles are calorie-rich, so past realization. If re is a product that promises pleasure and less calories, it fits perfectly into time spirit: vegan, long-lasting, fast-prepared.


The "thin pasta" is white, has a slightly gummy consistency, floats in packaging in a water solution. If plastic bag is opened, an almost fishy odor rises – calcium hydroxide, stabilizer of vegetable soup. For two to three minutes you should rinse m under water, recommend instructions for use, n smell disappears. They are n fried or cooked for two minutes, eaten with a side dish of your choice. The "lion" tasted it anyway.


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