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Tendencies to the deepening of the association in East Germany


This coming weekend, Germany is celebrating reunification, Day of German Unification, in Mainz, because Rhineland-Palatinate has presidency of Federal Council. Those who live nearby can not park re anymore. Whoever has a store re has not been supplied for a few days – access blocked. The residents are not really looking forward to this celebration, which lamented whole inner city area for weeks. And maybe whole country is going after se elections.


Rarely was a celebration of timing so unsuitable. Rarely were we as little reunited as now. The Bundestag elections have shown that re are tendencies towards deepening in East Germany. The fact that AfD in East Germany receives such consent values ​​and in Saxony even most of second votes is an impertinence for all Democrats.

East Germany is on a European average

The ever-present TV pictures of East German villages give impression that re are only backbills in country. Here, too, vast majority of people work, and re is a lot going on in cities. Leipzig reached second place in last city centering.


In Saxony unemployment rate has declined steadily, in August it was only 7.8 percent. Even in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, which has worst value, it is only 11.3 percent – as much as in whole of Italy. In France it is 9.6 percent. East Germany is still average of our neighboring countries in its least developed regions.


Why n choose so many AfD? The "Spiegel" reported in its current online edition about a place called Wilsdruff. 13,900 inhabitants, ten asylum seekers. And 36 percent choose AfD. Unbelievable. Saxony has lowest foreigners rate and largest AfD electorate. There is obviously still a GDR nostalgia, which forgets how many people have fallen victim to GDR dictatorship. This past with 700,000 Stasi spies has never been worked on, let alone coped.

nDecurity is not expected n

In a survey commissioned by MDR, Infas in 2014 asked about "special strengths" of GDR. The GDR scored points with protection against crime (66 per cent), equality of men and women (69 per cent) and social protection (75 per cent). Standard of living.


A lot of money went from west to east. The Dresden Ifo Institute estimated net transfer between 1991 and 2013 at 1800 billion euros. Gratitude does not have to be expected. But least reason instead of anti-Merkel shouts.


The author is a former "Capital" chief executive, communications consultant and BILANZ columnist.


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