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The election result pays off for three small parties


No, it is not just about glory and honor at Bundestag elections: idealistic use of election campaigners pays off after successful campaigns. In order for small parties to be able to secure ir livelihood, bar for subsidies from Confederation according to parties law is quite low.


Whoever raises 0.5 per cent hurdle in second place in national average is financed by state. Up to four million voters, each vote is rewarded with one euro, party can collect more votes, still 83 cents per voters.


In this year's election, some 230,000 second votes were enough to cross magic mark. Of parties who did not make it to Bundestag with deputies, re are only three who can look forward to a money boom.

nSatire party reaches almost one percent n

The well-known satire party The party of Europaparlamentarian Martin Sonneborn was able to unite only 0.97 per cent in federal area, but nearly 453,000 voters flush at least as many euros into party class.


Little respected, but even with about 10,000 votes more cut free voters, at least 463,000 euros are thus also this small party safe. As third winner among youngsters, animal protection party, which landed with more than 373,000 votes at 0.8 per cent, triumphed.


The ending of hypes around pirates will surely have hit last activists hard: Just under 174,000 voters wanted to support ideas of party, which meant only 0.4 percent of total vote. Thus, party members will have to pay future election campaigns from ir own pockets or from donations.

nThe NPD also remains below 0.5 percent n

The right-wing extremist NPD, which probably suffered heavy losses by AfD against Bundestag elections in 2013, also hit same fate. They also received only 0.4 percent with almost 177,000 votes. But even if y could have inspired more voters, rights would probably not have been paid.


In June, re had been a change in basic law, according to which parties should no longer be subsidized "who are fighting liberal democratic basic order or existence of Federal Republic of Germany".


What sum three parties above 0.5 per cent now get as a whole, can not be said at moment. In addition to above-mentioned sums, parties are also paid remuneration for donations, and calculation also results in earlier results in European elections and regional elections.

n The most important thing to choose n

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