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The upper limit becomes the crux of the Jamaican coalition


CSU boss Horst Seehofer is strongly under pressure after heavy losses at Bundestagswahl party. The party has postponed power struggle over future of chairman. All more, Seehofer now has to prove that he can contest controversial CSU positions in negotiations for a Jamaican coalition – above all: upper limit for refugees.


Seehofer has until November to find a solution to problem. Then CSU Party Congress takes place, to which Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) is to be invited. Only afterwards re should be talks with FDP and Greens about formation of a black-yellow-green government alliance.


The CSU has so far held an upper limit of 200,000 asylum seekers per year, including those arriving by family reunion. In 2017 despite more stringent controls along Balkan route, about 15,000 asylum seekers come to Germany every month. For entire year, this would be about 180,000 asylum seekers. In first half of year, Federal Foreign Office counted some 60,000 migrants who were additionally issued with a visa for family reunion.


The Greens observe unions' internal quarrels with Argusaugen. "The CDU and CSU form a factional group in Bundestag, so we also expect that possible probes will be spoken with one voice," said parliamentary faction Anton Hofreiter of news agency dpa on Thursday. "The union parties are very busy with mselves at moment, y must first clarify."

n "There can be no upper limit" n

Jürgen Trittin, Co-Fraction Commissioner, commented same way. "They have to decide what y want," he said at ZDF "Morgenmagazin". "If y want to move right now, that will not be case with this constellation."


Cem Özdemir also emphasized in his conversation with newspapers of Funke Mediengruppe: "Nobody should set up maximum demands which can be understood as exclusion criteria already in beginning." That did not deter him from drawing even a red line: "An upper limit can to not give."


He pointed to Merkel's statement. Two weeks ago, Chancellor had said in ARD "Elections": "My attitude to upper limit is well known that I do not want it. I do not want m. Guaranteed."

n "We have to talk about a limit of integrative force" n

FDP General Secretary Nicola Beer, on or hand, called for a compromise with CSU. "We are against a rigid upper limit in reception of asylum seekers," said Beer editorial network Germany. But "making bulk of bulkheads would be wrong way."


The FDP wanted "an immigration law, which clearly distinguishes between asylum for individual politically or religiously persecuted, temporary protection for refugees and immigration with a point system according to Canadian model," said Beer.


At end of this three-pillar model, it will also be a question of determining how much integration Germany can achieve overall. "We must talk about a border of integration power of our country."

nSchuster rejects "stone chiselled limit "

CDU interior expert Armin Schuster responded positively to demands from FDP. At request of WELT, Schuster reaffirmed his plans for a "breathing guideline". He rejected a "cut-stone cut-out", "but it must be guidelines or corridors, which are geared to German needs, world situation and feasibility in ir own country, so y brea flexibly."


According to Schuster, upper limit is "not an unattainable obstacle for Jamaica". "If an immigration law is really to be discussed in negotiations, re must also be talked about a feasible balance between our humanitarian obligation and real integration power of country", demanded interior expert from Baden-Württemberg.


Schuster set himself up for a better management of migration to Federal Republic: number of cross-border transfers of asylum seekers, European contingents, family immigration and immigration of work were "factors which we do not have to accept, , For a "certain period of time" this value could be "well below 200,000 times," said Schuster, thus making it clear that in event of a crisis one would have to react even more strictly than CSU.


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