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These groups have the highest share of migrants


For almost two decades, share of women in Bundestag has not been as low as now. The development of deputies with foreign roots is different: at least 57 parliamentarians have a migration background. This corresponds to a share of eight percent, as Mediendienst Integration on Thursday in Berlin, referring to interviews with political groups and parties.


As a result, proportion has increased significantly compared to previous Bundestag, in which 5.9 per cent of deputies were assigned a migration background.


The share of new Bundestag is thus highest in left fraction, with 18.8 per cent, followed by Greens with 14.9 per cent. By far lowest value is found in union fraction with only 2.9 percent. The particularly migrant-critical AfD is 7.5% in middle. For SPD, a share of 9.8 percent is stated, for FDP of 6.3 percent.

nOnly a politician with roots in Africa n

In comparison to German population, in which 22.5 percent of people have a history of immigration, deputies from immigrant families are thus underrepresented in all political groups. About one-third of parliamentarians with a migration background have, according to survey, references to or EU countries. There are also 14 members of parliament (eleven) with Turkish roots. The SPD politician Karamba Diaby remains only one in Bundestag with African migration history.


The Mediendienst Integration points out that actual figures could possibly be higher because parties do not systematically record a migration background. Also, not all press offices were equally able to provide information.


Therefore, or sources of information were found, as were typical names for migrants, which were n compared with ir own biographical data, interview statements and media reports, or were examined by direct inquiries.


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