What Types of Content are Important for Apps

Mobile apps continue to grow in popularity, and as our dependency on both personal technology and cloud technology remain on a steady trajectory we will likely not see an end to this growth soon.

With this growth, then, comes a great opportunity to develop mobile applications for any and all business big and small. These apps help to bridge the gap between companies and users by-way-of brilliant developers.

But while building the apps is important, what may be the most important is understanding what content to include with these apps. After all, what good is a library without any books, or a refrigerator without any food?

Indeed, it is what’s on the inside that counts and the same holds true for your mobile app. And when it comes to what’s inside, here are a few types of content most important for your QuickSeries Custom Apps.

The Devil Is In the Details

Approximately 73 percent of all users say that detailed product information is the most important factor when determining a sale.  Make your content thorough and easy to understand—so it can be easily understood, for example, from a brief glance through a search engine—and you will be able to convert more users. Similarly, make sure that you pay attention to the little things—because even the slightest lag or crash can mean life or death for your app.


Consumer and Peer Reviews

Finally, studies indicate that reviews are the most important factors which determine the conversion rate of site visitors.  Basically, if you want to turn a browser into a buyer, a visitor into a member, having other people vouch for you is among the best strategies.

And, as with the other factor, make sure these Custom Apps reviews are detailed, but simple.


The majority of users who download apps use either an internet search engine or the search feature of a particular app store (Apple’s App Store or Android’s Google Play, for example). This means you want to make sure that your app content uses the keyword—most often in, at the very least, the title, as well as in the app description and all associated materials.

Tech Specs

Finally, make sure you know what tech specs are required to operate your Custom Apps and then what devices are available to properly accommodate the demands of the app.  Does your app need a high-res camera or an accelerometer?  Do you need high-processing power or a strong graphics processor?  The right app content also optimizes the most devices in hopes to reach the largest audience.